Valentine Dinner

It was so lovely to be able to provide a valentines meal for all you lovers (and some valentines Birthday babes!) on lockdown.

We had such lovely feedback from our guests for this meal too so it was a total pleasure to cook.

Here is what we served:


Pork belly bites or crispy brie with apple butter

Home cured citrus seabass Blini

Parmesan Sable with cream goats cheese and pickled beetroot


Twice baked gruyere soufflé with crisp leaves & Dijon vinaigrette

Main course

Sirloin of beef, wilted spinach, sauteed wild mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke crisp & red wine sauce

Onion & beer tart Tatin with goat’s curd, sauteed wild mushrooms, artichoke crisp & port and balsamic reduction

Served with 

Dauphinoise potatoes

Wild rocket with truffle oil and lemon dressing


Salted caramel and dark chocolate brownies, chocolate sauce, honeycomb and fresh fruits

Some comments from our lovely diners:

Just wanted to say how amazing and special you made our Lockdown Valentines meal tonight. It was absolutely delicious and perfect. Thank you so much! I’ve shared our experience with our friends and sent then our recommendation.
Thank you again.”

“Hi Thank you your meal last night was fantastic. Everything was explained and instructions were great to follow. We had a lovely evening. The little cake was a thoughtful touch and I’m grateful!We will definitely use your service again and recommend to others”

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