About Me

About meI started cooking at an early age. My parents are both accomplished in the kitchen; my mother is master of pastries, cakes and desserts and my father is a savoury gourmet. At every possible opportunity I shadowed them in the kitchen, helping stir mixtures, taste sauces and plan menus.

My first job was at a local French restaurant. Every Saturday I would peel the langoustines and help prep salads before being pot-wash for the evening. The close environment, the heat, the freshly prepared dishes so beautifully presented, and the colourful language used by Fabrice, (now owner and head chef of The Hotel du Perigord in the south of france), was both exciting and intense. I loved being a part of that environment.

Since then I have worked in many restaurants both front and back of house, from chef to barmaid. Having completed my degree in opera and vocal studies I moved to Florence for a month to continue my singing and stayed two years. Working in local Italian kitchens and bars I immersed myself in the Italian passion for food. Their appetite for fresh, local, seasonal produce and simple, uncomplicated dishes really inspired me and forms a huge part of the way I cook today.