Creative Home Dining Menu 2

This weeks menu is ready for Friday’s deliveries.

Please see below. We have vegan options too!

Click here for ordering details. 


A little about the dishes

Starting with the beetroot and carrot tartar – with amazing beetroot from Mary Wilson of Bristol fame and her incredible farm! Just ready for the picking they are earthy and delicious and perfect in this recipe!

New season salt marsh lamb – given the treatment it deserves for beautiful British produce in this recipe – marinated in herbs and brine for 12 hours before being slow cooked in duck fat (great, who doesn’t love duck fat??) – keeping the meat perfectly tender before pressing, then glazing and dusting with a salty anchovy and home baked sourdough crumb.

Our best ever chocolate brownie – a firm favourite on all our catering menus – and usually requested by most of our clients (pre-lockdown that is!). This is literally the richest, chocolaty, gooiest brownie recipe you will ever try.

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